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Patient Testimonials

I’ve been working with Eric on my ACL reconstruction rehab, he was my second opinion just over 6 months ago and it was the best decision I made. My improvement over the last 6 months beats any progress in the 12 months prior to that.

I have every intention of going back to full contact sport and Eric is working hard with me to help me achieve that, whilst keeping me realistic with timeframes. I feel very confident with Bodybalance and I’m very pleased I found them. Aside from the staff being amazing, the complex is great too, having access to a gym facility during appointments is really useful.

From KG, Hatfield

“I have been a client of Bodybalance for many years with various problems related to my hypermobility. Basically, it was once the case that you could name a joint and it was unstable and painful.

Since starting work with Mike Ho, he very quickly worked out that I’m mechanical: give me a program of exercises, tell me the reps and sets and I will perform them daily, without fail; and things get better slowly.

Over the weeks and months the program got longer and harder, and more fun, and really made a big difference. They were really very effective.

When my overactive core muscles interfered with my breathing while swimming, Mike was in the pool working out what was wrong; and we have a plan in place which is already showing benefits.

The training enabled me to make the brave or foolhardy move to train the guys at Performance Hertfordshire. Mike did an excellent job of explaining my condition to the trainer, while convincing them that I was not some aged cripple. I’m 100% sure that I would not be doing deadlifts and RDL and the other challenging exercises, without the work done with Mike.

For the last couple of month, I have focused on minor problems with my shoulder; and it is definitely getting better.

Although the above is a really good story, and probably what you could expect from any of the physiotherapists at Bodybalance; it totally misses Mike’s core skills.

  • He worked out exactly how to work with me, and that is not easy.
  • He gave me programs which pushed me just enough, to get max benefit without the risk of going too far (unless I go overboard).
  • He is professional at all times, while being friendly, relaxed and encouraging.
  • He is always asking for feedback on the work and his performance.
  • He is always asking for updates, so he can decide when then the next appointment is needed.

Mike is an excellent example of the value of being a client of Bodybalance”.

From MC, Hatfield.

“The team at Bodybalance cater for all. Whatever your niggle, one of the professional team will have the knowledge and previous experience to help you! Always keen to help and find a solution, I have loved having them on hand to assist me.

Nicki has been a star! Being an international skier, I live in France during the winter months, however she is still always only an email away to offer advice and rehab exercises wherever I am in the World.

The whole team have treated many World Class athletes and are very well connected with other medical professionals, which has made my injury needs a lot less stressful. Nicki has been able to make those all important ‘who you know’ phonecalls, leaving me to rest and know I am great hands … I dont know what I would have done with out her!”

From Emily Sarsfield, British No 1 Ski Cross Athlete

“Nicki has been a great physio over the last couple of months. She has got me onto the road to recovery – quickly. She has a great personality and is really easy to get on with; especially when I met her for the first time. She understood my personality instantly and knew that I needed to be reigned-in, but gave me lee-way so that I felt like I was doing exercise and had things to occupy myself with.

She went above and beyond her professional requirements, and put up with my constant moaning. It was also great that Nicki was really keen to liaise with my strength and conditioning coach, so that I was combining physio, rehab and also my strength and conditioning. Having both my physio and strength and conditioning on the same page meant I wasn’t get mixed advice – I was getting honest and structured plans.

Finally Nicki is extremely thorough in explaining the diagnose of my injury and explaining the steps she would be taking in order to get me back to full fitness. She was really motivating throughout my sessions and continued to be positive even when we had to go backwards in order to move forwards with my injury. I definitely owe her a lot and appreciate everything she has done for me.”

From Ellen White, England Womens Football and Team GB 2012

“All the staff at Bodybalance are very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I have been lucky enough to stay fairly injury free throughout my career so far and this is down to the support I have received from Bodybalance; by catching the little niggles early before they escalate into bigger problems.”

From Adam Brown, Team GB Swimmer – 100m Freestyle, GB record holder Mens 50m Freestyle.