BodyBalance Physiotherapy and Sports Injury-Clinic

WE'RE OPEN for face-to-face appointments and virtual/video consultations.

We’ve opened in a limited capacity for face-to-face appointments at our Hatfield clinic, and will be open very soon in both our clinics in Golders Green and Elstree.

As part of our commitment to delivering best care and maintaining a Covid-safe environment, our “virtual-first” approach means we will continue virtual appointments when face-to-face appointments are not required or when you prefer not to come in.

Call us on 020 8181 3939 for appointments.

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Effective treatment by experienced clinicians
Individualised, holistic and efficient treatment
Knowledgeable therapists with real sports experience
Working with you for complete recovery
Hands on help with your recovery
Building strength and core stability
Specialists in female health for all ages
Paediatric Expertise for
Newborns and Upwards
Our philosophy at Bodybalance Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic is based on a holistic approach where we see our patients as individuals and view the person as a whole.
Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

  • Testimonials I am delighted to submit this testimonial for Body Balance and Eric Clarke in particular. Having played sports all my life, I was lucky enough to get to the age of 63 without ever having suffered any back pain…..that was until January this year when I was told that my right sacroiliac joint had badly degenerated. I was in constant pain, hardly able to walk or carry out any normal daily activities.Patient Testimonials

  • Testimonials For anyone suffering from complex knee issues, go see Eric Clarke! After extensive online research, I booked my post-surgical rehabilitation with Eric at the Hatfield clinic, then Mill Hill and finally Muswell hill when I moved to London. It was my second surgery in two years after I tore my ACL playing football.. Testimonials



The tragic passing of Mike Ho

The tragic passing of Mike Ho