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Bodybalance Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic is the premier provider of sports physiotherapy in North London and Hertfordshire, and are pleased to invite applications for a place on our Bodybalance Sponsored Athlete Programme.

Having the support of a great sports physio isn’t just for managing and treating injuries when they happen – having a sports physio on your team is a vital part of preventing niggles from becoming problems, and ultimately can be a key component of optimising overall athlete preparation.

Bodybalance is a team of experienced professionals with a solid reputation for delivering excellent sports and orthopaedic care to athletes across a wide variety of sports; from ultra-competitive amateurs to Olympic and World Champions.

With clinics in Golders Green, Elstree and Hatfield, Bodybalance are offering a limited number of places on our BB Sponsored athlete programme to individuals at each of our clinic locations.

Bodybalance Sponsored Athletes will receive a Platinum Performance Package worth up to £1750,


  • Up to 12 x Physiotherapy sessions over the year - reactive or proactive
  • Up to 12 x Sports massage sessions over the year
  • Athlete screening and planning session
  • A designated physio for you to contact over the course of the year for advice and support
  • Social media training and support, provided in association with our partners at University of Hertfordshire and Herts Sports Partnership
  • Bodybalance training t-shirt, foam roller, massage ball

Who is eligible?

  • Eligibility is broad and inclusive, though the number of individuals we can support to such a high level is unfortunately limited to a maximum of 3 per year at each of our clinic locations.
  • Individuals may or may not have a current injury, but ideally we want to support someone who is going to actively use our services to help them continue at, or return to, a high level of performance.
  • We hope to have applicants representing a variety of sports and are particularly hoping to attract applicants from diverse backgrounds including people from women’s sport and disability sports. Applicants can be from any age group (including children) and from any sport.
  • Applicants should have an active, positive social media presence which will reflect positively on Bodybalance.
  • May be either an elite or a serious amateur athlete:
    • Elite: competitive at national or international level, potentially podium level or top 10 ranking in their event.
    • Serious amateur: not necessarily achieving the same results as an elite athlete, but someone who is serious about and competitive in their sport, and would benefit from our help – examples may include a highly competitive individual in a lesser-known sport, or maybe someone with a strong presence in their local running or triathlon club, or potentially someone preparing for a big challenge or adventure.
  • May or may not have other sponsorships and support options in place, but these should be positive associations for Bodybalance and should not present a conflict of interest.

What are we asking for in return?

  • Active engagement with the package of physio and massage support.
  • Permission to use your name and profile where appropriate.
  • An active, positive social media presence with regular mentions of Bodybalance and the support we provide to you.
  • A positive association with you and your achievements.
  • Photos of you to use on our website and social media - e.g., photos of you in training or competition, photos of your visits to Bodybalance.
  • Monthly update of your performance and achievements.
  • Note: any misconduct, anti-social or disrespectful behaviour, anti-doping violations or other activity which could potentially have a negative reputational outcome for Bodybalance as a result of our association with you may result in the cancellation of your sponsorship package.
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