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We ask that you please complete any clinic registration forms before you attend for your first appointment in order to optimise the time the physiotherapist can spend with you. If you have not filled out this information in advance, we will ask you to complete this before your appointment can commence, in which case your appointment time may need to be reduced.

The registration form is important for both the ability to confirm your personal details and to record important information such as your payment details and your consent to allow us to store your medical data.

It is a good idea to bring any relevant information with you, such as referral letters and copies of scans.

Your first appointment will include both assessment and treatment. It is usually longer in time to allow for detailed discussion and questioning so the therapist can ascertain what the problem is and to help understand how the problem affects you personally. They will perform an examination to assist diagnosis, investigate contributing factors and make baseline measurements against which improvement can be measured.

The treatment plan will then be explained and will usually be commenced in the first session.

What should I wear?

You should wear loose comfortable clothes that allow easy access and visibility of the area to be treated. Shorts can usually be worn for knee and ankle injuries, and females may prefer to wear an appropriate bra or vest top if the neck or shoulder are being treated. 

Sometimes it is necessary to remove items of clothing to allow for better access to the area being treated – this will be explained to you at the time. You are entitled to have an attendant present with you if you prefer.