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Our philosophy at Bodybalance Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic is based on a holistic approach where we see our patients as individuals and view the person as a whole. Whatever your needs, our detailed assessment process will ensure that we identify the cause of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms; helping you achieve your best outcome through an active approach.

For example, when we assess someone with a knee problem, we know that a knee is not just “the knee”; it is a knee that functions as part of the whole individual. A problem with your knee can affect your back, hip and ankle, and could also be preventing you from doing many different things that you otherwise would like to be doing – everything from running to kneeling to going down stairs at the train station, or even driving your car.

At Bodybalance, we look outside the box to try and find the root cause of the problem. Assessing a knee may involve looking at the hip, back and ankle, as well as assessing the way you walk and run. To fully understand your knee problem, it is important to understand your fitness and activity levels, your training patterns, your motivation, your footwear and any unique requirements of your sport.

We believe that education about your problem enables a better understanding of the problem and will ultimately ensure your recovery is better and more complete. We aim to empower you to manage your own condition and to ensure that you do not become reliant on physiotherapy.

We regularly work together as a part of a wider multidisciplinary team and have links with a large network of London and Hertfordshire’s Specialist Orthopaedic Consultants, Sports Doctors, Rheumatologists and other experts in the field of sports and orthopaedic medicine. Through our years of experience and a solid reputation for clinical excellence and service to match, we have developed a relationship with these specialists; ensuring direct communication and best management of your recovery including being able to recommend to you the right Specialist for your particular problem if that is what is needed.

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