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Hi Harry
I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for everything you've done to help me get to the start line on Sunday. It has been one hell of a journey, but your support, professionalism and advice has been outstanding. You have been my trusted advisor throughout this process, and have always had my best interest at heart. Here are a couple of pics of my truly awesome day - I couldn't have done it without you :)

Thanks again, Harry.
PS - I've entered the ballot for next year, so get ready :)

Kate S, April 2024

Hi Sangita
I just wanted to let you know that I have experienced a remarkable improvement in my groin since I have started doing the two exercises you gave me. Literally I think my hip flexors have officially come back to life for the first time in years and it is so liberating not feeling that tightness in my groin area in recent days! Thank you so much for your quick diagnosis and suggested exercises which are massively helping me.

Simon G, March 2024

Working closely with Rachel over the past 10 months has been a game-changer in my journey back to the football field after my Achilles tendon tear. Rachel's expertise, compassion, and unwavering support have been pivotal in both my physical and mental rehabilitation. Through her personalised approach and encouragement, she not only helped me regain strength and mobility but also provided invaluable emotional support during the challenging moments. Rachel's dedication and guidance have not only prepared me to return to football but have also instilled in me a newfound confidence and resilience. I'm incredibly grateful for Rachel's expertise and support, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking exceptional care on their path to recovery.

Sailesh K, February 2024

Great physios, huge shoutout to Rachel who has helped me immensely over the last few months!

Laura C, January 2024

Tom worked with me for over a year patiently helping me rehab after a knee operation. I have not been the best at not over doing it and resting it so there were a lot of ups and downs including a point when my surgeon told me the only option was more surgery! Tom stuck through me with all of it, including all the tears and honestly helped me understand where he thought he could get me back to. I am pleased to say I am able to do nearly everything I want to be able to do and have avoided further surgeries at this point! Thanks Tom - I will endeavour to keep myself in one piece so I do not start clogging up your office again!

Amy L, October 2023

I'm in my late 30's and had to have a full hip replacement in January this year. I've had treatment at Bodybalance with Tessa from the 1st week. I can't thank her enough, I was back walking after 3 weeks and playing golf after 8 weeks. The treatment, exercise plans and Tessa's knowledge around my operation has been brilliant. I couldn't recommend Tessa or the set up at Bodybalance higher
Thanks again

Kenny H, September 2023

I have seen a fair few physiotherapists in my time and I was so relieved to have been lucky enough to have been treated by Anna. She has been kind, patient, supportive, creative and so knowledgeable. Thank you Anna for getting me through my meniscal tear surgery in my knee and for all the advice moving forwards on how to continue to build and maintain strength for my osteoarthritis.

June 2023

Thank you Anna for all your excellent help, getting me over my hip replacement.

Rosemary N, May 2023

I would like to take this opportunity to indicate that I was very impressed and pleased with Jessica Rider's approach to helping me recover from an injury. Jessica was always very professional during the period of treatment. I would recommend her services.

Jonny M, January 2023

Shefali has worked wonders on my shoulder injury, providing treatment and giving me exercises which quickly reduced the pain. She was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, and I'd highly recommend her as a physiotherapist.

Phillip M, August 2022

Thank you for your diagnosis and programme.

I cycled the Pyrenees and I’m sure those 8 days helped my calf strengthening and I picked up run training at the start of October with 2 minute run and 2 minute walk 5k’s and graduated through 3/1’s to my first full run this morning. The course there is quite good for me as you can choose to run 90% on the grass beside the paths.

I ran 24.34 so under 5 mins/km and i’m really pleased to be coming back at that pace.

Thank you for everything, i didn’t think I would run again when I first met you.

I had a torn meniscus and did physio with Willemijn over a 15mth period. She was encouraging, confidence-building and an expert physio through the ups and downs of recovery. I am now well healed and running 5ks again about 7mths after surgery.

Alfie R, October 2022

I began seeing Anna when I injured my back in September and have continued to have appointments pre and post surgery. Anna is an exceptional physio and has put me in a significantly better place. Physically I have improved hugely and have got back to the majority of exercise and sports I did before. I have also gained the confidence to get back to a normal life which was a barrier to me post-surgery.

Willemijn steered me through first a total knee replacement followed quickly by a new hip. Most importantly she set goals so we could measure and celebrate progress, although she’s a kind and friendly person she made it clear that the exercises were to be done. “This is your job” she said at the start of the knee recovery. Never overly forceful but clear in her explanations and recommendations that without putting the work in I simply wouldn’t be able to regain normal function. Now 9 months after the knee and 5 from the hip I’d say thanks to her guidance, and a good surgeon, I’m pretty nearly 100%.

Richard W, September 2022

Eric and his team at Body Balance have been invaluable in my journey to return to running. After 15 years of running and multiple stress injuries I was finally directed towards a physio who could help me recover and maintain long term health. Eric has taught me about the importance of a gradual return to running, the importance of rest and provided me with a training programme to ensure I could stick to his. Eric and his team also helped me to learn exercises to build strength in my bones and muscles to support my running and ensured I kept improving and varying the strength workouts which have now become part of my running schedule. The also offered guidance on the importance of stretching in the programmes as well as some acupuncture and massage. At last I now feel confident that I have found what is needed to ensure I can maintain my running.

Emma F

Eric and his team at Bodybalance are great and I would highly recommend them (which I don't often do). As a competitive triathlete with a long list of injuries Eric has used an informed and functional approach to get me back to training post surgery - concentrating very much on what movement/strength my body needs to do my chosen sport. While knowledgeable and supportive, Eric is also realistic and straight-talking. He knows when to change tact, to re-evaluate and to ask others for second opinions - all of which I see as a great strength.

Stuart C

I have recently been treated by Harry at the Hatfield clinic, my whole experience with the treatment was first class. I had managed to trap a nerve in my neck along with another couple of issues, that prevented me from doing my normal weight training regime, which I’m very passionate about. Harry was very thorough in finding out the detail how I injured myself, I knew from the start he was professional, caring and extremely supportive in the road back to recovery.
Even after I had finished my acupuncture I was still given excellent advice on how to build up my exercises week by week, I couldn’t have got to where I’m at now without him.
I would highly recommend Harry and if I ever have any further injuries I would have no hesitation in seeing him again.

Denise H

Over the last couple of years Eric and his team have provided simply the best Physio I have ever experienced. I have recommended the team to both friends and family. Everyone has a high level of expertise in their field and they have accelerated my recovery with everything from a major shoulder dislocation to cycling induced injuries.

Bish B

The team at Bodybalance Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic have looked after me for over 10 years and their skill, experience and knowledge have helped me consistently perform at my best. As a competitive athlete training at a high level day in and day out injuries are always a risk and I have benefited hugely from their professional expertise in both the treatment and prevention of a range of injuries. I would recommend Bodybalance to any athlete looking for expert help in treating or preventing injury and who want to perform at their best year after year. Without their help and expertise I would never have achieved the things I have in my sport over the past 10 years.

David C

I cannot recommend this place enough - they are exceptionally good! I've seen two physiotherapists and had sports massage sessions and every time the therapists have been friendly and professional and it is clear that they have a very deep level of knowledge. Whatever my problem is they've always been able to treat it. They are a little more expensive than others in the area but it really is so worth it; I've seen a range of physios over the years and they are by far the best. Even having moved out of the area I still go back to see them as I know their treatment will make a difference. I had been in almost constant pain all week and after one sports massage session with Rachel Aldiss I left pain free and a lot less stressed. They really are brilliant!

Sarah C

I have use Eric and his team a number of times Over the last few years for veriouse different issues, post ACL replacement Surgury, back pain, post shoulder Surgury ( Rotator cuff repair and bicep tendon transfer ).
Through their excellent care, I have always flown through my recover every time, their knowledge is second to none.
The Bodybalance team are fantastic so friendly and helpful. I can’t sing their praises enough.

Anthony K

Eric & his team have been fantastic. I came to them post surgery for a meniscal tear having also ruptured both ACLs. Having opted not to have a reconstruction getting back to skiing seemed somewhat optimistic. Eric's skill , expertise & support got me back skiing 5 months later. His ''maintenance training programme" has enabled me to get back to my previous sporting activities.

Tina B

Eric and the body balance team are fantastic, I’ve been using them for 2.5 years since having 2 stress fractures in my back and they have played a big part in my career from junior to professional tennis. The knowledge and professionalism of Eric and his team are second to none, also great facilities.

Finn B

I've been treated by Bodybalance for the last 8 years, throughout my junior and now my senior career as a Para athlete. As a Para athlete the risk of injury is high and the services that I have had have been second to none. They have inspired me with great confidence in their knowledge and skills. They've allowed me to continue to compete at the highest level and to gain World Titles. Without their knowledge and expertise when treating me this may not have been possible.

Michael P

I have used Body Balance for sports massage a few years now and always received great massages. My therapist Trina really understands the complexities of my condition and has provided great relief from various injuries and niggles. Having used other services I can assure you, Trina is very knowledgable and thorough and I highly recommend her service.

jody K

I attended Body Balance to resolve a lower back strain and get me back to fitness following my injury. The Physio, Emma was really great, very knowledgable and put togehter a clear plan to aid my recovery. The business also is also very organised and helpful.

Greg D

Great service and staff. If you’re looking for a sport massage I highly recommend Trina

Antony C

Very professional and effective treatment from Nathan Bannis ...Sports & Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist.. highly recommended

Luv M

I was so delighted with my hour with Jessica. I particularly wanted her to watch me in the gym where I have been suffering with knee pain. Her advice, suggestions and diagnosis has re-assured me and I can already see after a few days of carrying out her strengthening exercises – I am on the road to much less pain. Unusual for a physiotherapist to tune in to you so quickly and actually do what you want to achieve from the session.

From GR

I saw Jessica Rider for about 3 months due to a serious leg injury. She is a fantastic physio and my rehabilitation was a combination of hands on therapy and exercises and weights. I am now running 5k parkruns, which I wasn’t doing before… Highly recommended and a fab person.

From IS

Emma Terpstra has been fantastic and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Very professional and focused on helping me recover from a back problem. She is thorough, evidence based in her approach and very helpful. She has worked with me and been highly supportive.

From JF

I have been a patient with Niamh for a few months and she has been excellent. She is very patient, caring, conscientious and thorough and professional. She listened carefully, asked good questions, gave me excellent exercises to do, regularly updating them, and really seemed to know her stuff!

I would certainly recommend her to anyone requiring physiotherapy.

Yours sincerely,

From SS

I am delighted to submit this testimonial for Body Balance and Eric Clarke in particular.
Having played sports all my life, I was lucky enough to get to the age of 63 without ever having suffered any back pain…..that was until January this year when I was told that my right sacroiliac joint had badly degenerated. I was in constant pain, hardly able to walk or carry out any normal daily activities.

Three consultants and two rounds of CT guided cortisone injections had done nothing when I was referred to Eric who was confident from Day 1 that while it would take some time, he would get me better!

Eric is without doubt an excellent therapist but also, in my opinion, a visionary. Constantly challenging the perceived knowledge about recovery periods, he pushed me beyond my comfort zone constantly giving me the confidence to do so.
Miraculously, I am now pain free and able again to play golf, go to Pilates and Yoga classes. Resuming some light jogging is also on the horizon.

Thank you Eric and all at Body Balance for giving me my life back. I promise never again to make fun of your Rugby team!

With best wishes for your continued success.

From SP

For anyone suffering from complex knee issues, go see Eric Clarke!

After extensive online research, I booked my post-surgical rehabilitation with Eric at the Hatfield clinic, then Mill Hill and finally Muswell hill when I moved to London. It was my second surgery in two years after I tore my ACL playing football. Recovery from my first surgery proved problematic and I ended up needing a second surgery to repair cartilage damage and debride scarring and synovitis. This surgery revealed a posterolateral corner injury and lax ACL graft, which could in turn have led to a third surgery to reconstruct both the ACL and posterolateral corner. So, a bit of a mixed picture for Eric to deal with!

Thankfully, the third surgery hasn’t proved necessary as my knee has finally settled. This is in no small part due to Eric’s expert physiotherapy (plus a lot of hard graft in the gym)! It wasn’t an easy journey, but whenever I had issues, Eric had a logical and thoughtful diagnosis and effective advice that proved spot on each time. He keeps up with current studies & research and has extensive experience of dealing with sports injuries. He’s also a really nice guy!

Now I am almost always pain-free and am no longer restricted by my knee – I am so grateful to Eric and would recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone!

From CR

I have recently been working with JENNIFER to address shoulder impingement syndrome and cannot thank her enough for her swift diagnosis, brilliant hands-on therapy and remedial exercises, all of which have enabled me to return to weight-lifting and yoga in a matter of weeks after months of pain and an entire month of zero exercise.

I have been to various physios over the year and Jen is by far the best. Not only highly skilled, but also lovely to work with and hugely supportive when you’re apprehensive about returning to activities.

Jen has not only resolved my shoulder issues but has also addressed a long-standing patella injury of some twenty years with corrections to my posture and form, and a series of strengthening exercises for my hamstrings and glutes.

I will be recommending Jen to all of my friends and am delighted that I have finally found someone to help me achieve the best from my training.

From JD

I’ve been working with Eric on my ACL reconstruction rehab, he was my second opinion just over 6 months ago and it was the best decision I made. My improvement over the last 6 months beats any progress in the 12 months prior to that.

I have every intention of going back to full contact sport and Eric is working hard with me to help me achieve that, whilst keeping me realistic with timeframes. I feel very confident with Bodybalance and I’m very pleased I found them. Aside from the staff being amazing, the complex is great too, having access to a gym facility during appointments is really useful.

From KG, Hatfield

“I have been a client of Bodybalance for many years with various problems related to my hypermobility. Basically, it was once the case that you could name a joint and it was unstable and painful.

Since starting work with Mike Ho, he very quickly worked out that I’m mechanical: give me a program of exercises, tell me the reps and sets and I will perform them daily, without fail; and things get better slowly.

Over the weeks and months the program got longer and harder, and more fun, and really made a big difference. They were really very effective.

When my overactive core muscles interfered with my breathing while swimming, Mike was in the pool working out what was wrong; and we have a plan in place which is already showing benefits.

The training enabled me to make the brave or foolhardy move to train the guys at Performance Hertfordshire. Mike did an excellent job of explaining my condition to the trainer, while convincing them that I was not some aged cripple. I’m 100% sure that I would not be doing deadlifts and RDL and the other challenging exercises, without the work done with Mike.

For the last couple of month, I have focused on minor problems with my shoulder; and it is definitely getting better.

Although the above is a really good story, and probably what you could expect from any of the physiotherapists at Bodybalance; it totally misses Mike’s core skills.

  • He worked out exactly how to work with me, and that is not easy.
  • He gave me programs which pushed me just enough, to get max benefit without the risk of going too far (unless I go overboard).
  • He is professional at all times, while being friendly, relaxed and encouraging.
  • He is always asking for feedback on the work and his performance.
  • He is always asking for updates, so he can decide when then the next appointment is needed.

Mike is an excellent example of the value of being a client of Bodybalance”.

From MC, Hatfield.

“The team at Bodybalance cater for all. Whatever your niggle, one of the professional team will have the knowledge and previous experience to help you! Always keen to help and find a solution, I have loved having them on hand to assist me.

Nicki has been a star! Being an international skier, I live in France during the winter months, however she is still always only an email away to offer advice and rehab exercises wherever I am in the World.

The whole team have treated many World Class athletes and are very well connected with other medical professionals, which has made my injury needs a lot less stressful. Nicki has been able to make those all important ‘who you know’ phonecalls, leaving me to rest and know I am great hands … I dont know what I would have done with out her!”

From Emily Sarsfield, British No 1 Ski Cross Athlete

“Nicki has been a great physio over the last couple of months. She has got me onto the road to recovery – quickly. She has a great personality and is really easy to get on with; especially when I met her for the first time. She understood my personality instantly and knew that I needed to be reigned-in, but gave me lee-way so that I felt like I was doing exercise and had things to occupy myself with.

She went above and beyond her professional requirements, and put up with my constant moaning. It was also great that Nicki was really keen to liaise with my strength and conditioning coach, so that I was combining physio, rehab and also my strength and conditioning. Having both my physio and strength and conditioning on the same page meant I wasn’t get mixed advice – I was getting honest and structured plans.

Finally Nicki is extremely thorough in explaining the diagnose of my injury and explaining the steps she would be taking in order to get me back to full fitness. She was really motivating throughout my sessions and continued to be positive even when we had to go backwards in order to move forwards with my injury. I definitely owe her a lot and appreciate everything she has done for me.”

From Ellen White, England Womens Football and Team GB 2012

“All the staff at Bodybalance are very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I have been lucky enough to stay fairly injury free throughout my career so far and this is down to the support I have received from Bodybalance; by catching the little niggles early before they escalate into bigger problems.”

From Adam Brown, Team GB Swimmer – 100m Freestyle, GB record holder Mens 50m Freestyle.


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