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Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can happen to anyone who participates in sport, from the most amateur to the elite athlete. Many injuries that happen whilst playing sport don’t only occur in sports environments, though some injuries are much more easily understood if considered inside the sporting environment.

The skill in being a sports injury specialist, like the team at Bodybalance, is in knowing how to diagnose and treat your injury whilst also understanding how that particular injury affects your particular role or position in your particular sport, as well being able to assess for the contributing factors of your sport that may have led to your injury in the first place, Then comes our ability to guide you back to full fitness and a return to your sport in the shorted possible time. 

The physiotherapists at Bodybalance Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic have experience working in many different sports at all levels, including having worked with many sports at national, international and Olympic levels. Our physiotherapists can assess your sporting injury and provide advice on the best way to get you back to full fitness as quickly as possible. We have a close working relationship with many Orthopaedic Specialists in London and Hertfordshire meaning we can arrange a review with them if any scans or a surgical opinion is required.

In the first few days following a soft tissue injury, it is advisable to follow the guidelines of “PRICE” – Protect, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevate the injured body part. If the injury doesn’t get better in even a few days, or if you are unable to use the injured part at all, you should see your physiotherapist.